Who needs dental implants and what are the options for them?

Closeup of dentist tools and mouth open with beautiful teeth

If you have decided to get the dental implant to get a replacement for your missing teeth, then you must be wondering whether you need it or not. As the dental implants are a bit expensive alternative compared to the conventional means, so the decision to have the implant keeps fluctuating. Once you know the several benefits of this implant, it becomes easier for you to take the decision. If you have missing teeth or all the teeth are gone due to aging or some disease, then do get the implant and get the comfort for the rest of your life.

Who needs a dental implant?

Dental implants are the solution for anyone in any age as it’s a surgical process and it can be done to anyone. The people having a single, multiple or all teeth gone missing can make use of the dental implants and get the bridges, or the crowns fixed on them. The people who have lost teeth due to disease or aging can comfortably get the implants.

What types of dental implants are available?

When we talk about the dental implants, we are typically talking about the safe, proven and effective way of replacing the root tooth. It is done by implanting titanium or some other metal post into the jaw bone of the patient. This post then serves as a medium at which the crown or some bridge can be fixed.

There are several variations in the dental implant available to help everyone with a solution to their dental issues.

  • Single dental implants

Single dental implants are suitable for those who are missing a single tooth or a few others, but all of them are at discrete locations. At each place, a titanium post is fused into the jaw bone that further helps in fixing or mounting the crown on it.

  • Multiple Dental Implants

The requirement for the number of dental implants in case of multiple dental implants depends discreetly on the position of the missing tooth. If the missing tooth is adjacent to each other, then a single implant can hold them both. If there are more than two missing teeth, it is still possible to make use of a single implant to place them. However if the missing teeth are at different locations, then it becomes essential to place multiple implants to support the artificial teeth.

  • All on four Dental implants

These implants are the solution for those people who have got all the teeth missing, and they want to get a complete set of teeth for them. In this structure, the dental implant is done by finding the four most suitable posts in the jaw bone that serve as the basis for the artificial teeth to be mounted.

Now that you have seen that there are several options for you to get a single or multiple dental implants, consult the dentist as quickly as you can to start enjoying your life once more.