Have And Support A Good Lifestyle

A good health is always accompanied by loads of mental as well as physical happiness. This is very necessary for each and every human on this earth because it is the birthright of every individual to be happy. This can only be achieved by pursuing a good and healthy lifestyle. It is possible with the intake of nutritious food and doing regular physical exercise along with yoga and meditation. This helps the blood pressure remain in control as well as prevents a person from various diseases boosting his immune system. Boosting the immune system also prevents various diseases from occurring.

There are several diseases like diabetes that stay for the entire life and the person is completely dependent on the medications for the regulation. As a diagnostic tool various tests are performed like blood sugar tests. in this, a specimen of blood is taken and then it is sent for various tests which include testing the amount of sugar present it in. this way, blood sugar levels can be detected and then according to the given specified ranges of the normal blood glucose levels, it can be identified that whether the person is hypoglycemic or hyperglycemic.

Other than this glucose tolerance tests are also performed in order to check how much glucose can be tolerated by the patient’s blood. This is a sure shot diagnostic tool for the confirmation of diabetes. Based on this, a person is detected to be diabetic and then he is put on medication or insulin. Injection of insulin is given before meals if the sugar is very high or metformin tablets are often prescribed that maybe 500mg or 1000mg based on person’s blood sugar levels. These are the preventive or regulatory methods adopted by the person in order to keep diabetes in control after it has been diagnosed.

Also, fasting blood sugar levels are examined in order to check the amount of glucose present in the blood after a fasting period of about 8 hours. It is generally done in the morning empty stomach. If the sugar level is between 70mg/dl- 110mg/dl then it means that sugar levels are normal. If it is above 110 mg/dl then it means that the body cells are unable to utilize the present sugar in blood that indicates that hormone insulin is not working properly. Hence it is a clear indicator of the occurrence of diabetes in an individual. The body cells are thus left in starving stage.  In order to cope up with this instability, the cells have to be fed and insulin has to be produced which is done artificially by injections or regular tablets. In order to keep sugar levels in control, an individual should adopt healthy lifestyle and go for morning and evening walks have healthy, nutritious balanced diet and stay away from fatty food and eatables having large amount of sugar. The person should have regular and frequent intake of eatable so that he doesn’t starves and the body doesn’t gets malnourished.