What can you do to help someone with erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is one of the common problems men are suffering these days. The reason behind this is depression and the increase level of stress. Yeah, that’s right. This is one of the leading causes of getting this problem.

·        Talking:

One of the toughest things to do in this issue is to accept that you have the issue. May be deep down you known that you are suffering, but most men avoid talking about this problem completely. This is a normal human behavior, but this is not healthy. One should help them get out of the depression and find the solution. The more they talk, the more chances of better recovery they have. However, one important thing to do is NOT to make fun of them. It would be totally unethical and unreasonable to do.

·        Therapies:

There are different kinds of therapies that are used to relax the person and synchronize the blood flow. For example, acupressure and acupuncture can help to solve the problem more easily. If someone around you is facing this problem, then you can guide them in this regard.

·        Intimacy:

People who are suffering from erectile dysfunction face more problems in getting intimate with their partner. Somehow they knew that they have the problem related with the intimacy so they don’t involve themselves deeply with their partners. This on the other hand can seriously affect the relationship between the partner and this can lead to the breaking of the marriage. So the best thing is to talk to them and let them feel easy about this. This is not something that can’t be treated. There are medicines like Tadalafil (Vidalista) that can help them recover from their illness. All they have to do is to buckle up and get ready to fight it. This can only happen when the partner is sensible enough to understand the issue and does his/her 100% effort to make the patient feel ok with him.

·        Self-esteem:

Another way in which you can help the man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction is by boosting his self-esteem. Make them realize that sex is not the only thing to do in this world. There are other things that one should keep in mind as well. One should try to be a bigger person and help others. Make them smile and laugh with them. Once someone realizes that they are better than this, no one can defeat them easily.